Opening hours

Hotel roomsHotel roomsCheck-in starts: 2pm

Your room will be ready for you from 2pm on the day you’re due to arrive.

Monday – Sunday From 2pm

Coffee & TeaCoffee & Teain the restaurant, lounge, snug & bars (see times below)

We have tea and a delicious range of coffees for you.

Opening Mon-Sat Sun
Restaurant 10am 10am
The Lounge, Snug & Bars 11am 12 noon

Lunch & snacksLunch & snacksOpen from: 12 noon

Lunch and snacks are served in The Lounge, Restaurant, Snug bar and Beer Garden from 12 noon.

Monday – Thursday 12 noon – 2.30pm
Friday – Sunday 12 noon – 3pm

High teasHigh teasTo be booked in advance

Please note that :
1. High Teas are by reservation only. Please phone to book.
2. A minimum of 12 people are needed in the party to secure a booking.
High Tea menu

High teas can be served in The Lounge, Restaurant, Snug bar and Beer Garden (during Summer months).

Evening mealsEvening mealsOpen from: late afternoon (see below)

Evening meals are served in The Lounge, Restaurant, Snug Bar and Beer Garden from late afternoon.

Monday – Thursday 5.30pm – 8.30pm
Friday & Saturday 5pm – 9pm
Sunday 4.30pm – 8pm

Alcoholic drinksAlcoholic drinksOpen from: 11am or 12noon (see below)

Alcoholic drinks are served in The Public Bar, The Lounge, The Snug and Restaurant.

Monday – Thursday 11am – 12 midnight
Friday & Saturday 11am – 1am
Sunday 12 noon – 12 midnight