The Lounge

With fantastic food, delicious drinks and a warm welcome, The Lounge is a great place to drop-in for a meal and a drink. 

We’ve teas, coffees or if you’re having a good day (or a bad day or just a day that needs some pizzazz) you can have an alcoholic tipple too.

With private booths, well-spaced tables and ample seating for your group, this is a comfortable, relaxed space for friends and families to meet-up, laugh and make conversation.

Our wonderful staff are there to take care of you and are fonts of knowledge – just as ready to share a joke with a regular as they are to help provide an intelligent wine recommendation to a visitor.

This is the meeting place for locals and attracts visitors from the surrounding areas who enjoy having a few relaxing drinks and a chat with friends.

The bar is well stocked with Scottish whisky and other quality spirits along with wines and a nice range of chilled beers and ciders.

The 2 large-screen TVs in The Lounge are used to show big sporting events like the football, rugby, golf or tennis.

As well as our lunch and evening meal menus, check out the tasty choices on our dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan menus too.

Lounge bar bay windowLounge bar bay window
The Lounge Bar
Bay Window
Enjoy a drink whilst waiting for the train.
New seating Station Hotel Stonehaven Lounge BarNew seating Station Hotel Stonehaven Lounge Bar
The Lounge Bar
There is ample seating in the front of the lounge
These are the best seats in the house for viewing sporting events on the large-screen TV
Lounge bar private boothLounge bar private booth
The Lounge Bar
Private Booths
Our Private Booths minimise noise from neighbouring groups and help keep your conversations private.
Lounge bar beer, whisky, gin and other spiritsLounge bar beer, whisky, gin and other spirits
The Lounge Bar
Enjoy a beer, whisky or gin
We have a well stocked bar, so you can order anything from a glass of water to a Grouse and water
Station Hotel Stonehaven, Mirror ShotsStation Hotel Stonehaven, Mirror Shots
The Lounge Bar
For when you need to watch what you eat and drink
Whether you're a lover of all things whisky or fancy a plate of deliciousness, the Station Hotel is serving!